Our Solutions


IT Outsourcing

We support our clients in the digital transformation process, which covers all levels of solution planning through Software Engineering and Architecture.

We provide the following services for project development:

Consulting services
Requirements management
Project planning, management and monitoring
Detailed software design
UI design
Change management
Technical and functional documentation
Technical support
Evolutionary maintenance
Quality Assurance Management, Unit and Comprehensive Testing

Digital transformation

We offer great capabilities for your company to migrate towards the paperless office, directly impacting in monthly costs and your documents’ safety.
We offer a leading platform for information digitization, content intelligence and workflow staging to connect people, documents and applications.

Software & App development

Outsource software development with us. Our services include:
Requirements capture, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance, and application migration
Product development
Database management and migration
Other services

We apply Agile Methodologies to obtain the best outcomes and meet the satisfaction of our clients with highly motivated resources.

We set up goal-oriented Cells or Development teams, but with defined work processes to guarantee the quality of the outcomes.
Project planning, monitoring and control
Custom developments
Work backlog
Change management
Quality control and testing
Support and evolutionary maintenance
Closed or open solutions
Off-company or in-company teams
High coding standards and reduced errors with continuous improvement
Teams prepared to provide services in one or more project stages
Defined processes
Strong commitment to the client to guarantee their satisfaction by meeting defined goals


We specialize in organizing work teams for IT and other technology industries, focusing on results generation and a high level of efficiency helping to develop the company.
Outsourcing de RRHH

Training in new technologies

Our goal is to leverage the newest available technologies in order to improve time-to-market, increase ROI, and allow our clients to strictly focus on their core business.

Bizit Lab

Through our Innovation Department, we continually promote the research and application of new tools and methodologies throughout our projects.
We are very interested in cutting-edge technologies. In addition to studying and applying them in our projects, we can learn to use them and provide advanced solutions for our clients, both domestically and abroad. This will allow us to grow and seek motivation throughout our journey.
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Bizit Lab
Bizit Lab